I am glad you are here. Sunrise Counseling Services is a place of healing and support for individuals embarking on their personal journeys. I am dedicated to providing a compassionate space for everyone, offering solace and direction in the face of life's challenges. Everyone is welcome here, and no one should have to face uncertainty alone.

Connection and relationships are at the heart of our well-being. I am here to assist you in cultivating and strengthening meaningful relationships, both within yourself and with others. Through a gentle and empathetic approach, you can expect a calming atmosphere that fosters self-discovery, inner peace, and the development of healthy relationships.

Together, we will explore your unique path, uncover your strengths, and work towards healing yourself and sustaining meaningful connections in your life. At Sunrise Counseling Services, I'm honored to support you on your path towards a brighter future to live your most fulfilling, authentic life.

Providing care for the Greater Kansas City area